A Florida man so desperately wanted a beer that he called 911 and accused his daughter of assaulting him when she wouldn’t comply with his request, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Scott Hagerman, 56, of Seminole, Fla., was booked on falsely reporting a crime charges last week, records from the sheriff’s office showed.

Hagerman allegedly called 911 when his daughter would not buy him a beer, telling a dispatcher that she was hitting him, throwing objects and using drugs, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

When deputies with the sheriff’s office paid a visit to Hagerman’s Seminole home, they found him “very intoxicated and uncooperative, the Times reported.

His daughter recorded Hagerman calling 911 on her cell phone and played the audio for authorities, the paper reported.

She also recorded threats allegedly made by Hagerman in which the father allegedly threatened to call 911 and lie to authorities if she would not buy him more beer, according to ABC Action News Tampa Bay.

The incident is not the only one involving beer and 911 in Florida to make the news this month.

In southeast Florida, Lake Worth resident Johnny Ramos allegedly called 911 more than 15 times because a convenience store clerk refused to sell him beer.

The Cumberland Farms clerk told police he denied Ramos because he was “heavily intoxicated,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

Ramos was charged with misuse of 911 and disorderly intoxication, the paper reported.

Ramos “yelled and spoke incoherently” when he called 911, according to the Post.