• Florida teacher's aide arrested for having sex with two 15 year old students
  • She began communicating with them via Snapchat after they asked about vaping
  • She took them to a party and supplied them with alcohol and marijuana

A Florida teacher’s aide was arrested for having sexual relations with two 15-year-old students in a community pool near her apartment building.

The 27-year-old aide, Kirstie None Rosa, apparently had sex with one of the students several times at his house and her condo in East Naples.

The allegations came to light when the 20-year-old brother of one of the students told the police he saw Rosa get into the house, and he could hear them in the bedroom.

The first student claimed their contact started when he and some of his classmates were talking to Rosa about vaping, and she asked them about their Snapchat handles so they could continue corresponding.

He began flirting with her via Snapchat, and on October 30th Rosa came to his house. They reportedly watched some Netflix and smoked marijuana before having sex.

On one occasion, Rosa, who was in communication with both students via SnapChat, agreed to pick them up and take them to a party.

Once there, she gave them alcohol and marijuana before the person hosting the party found out, and they were kicked out. She took them back to her condo and then to her community pool.

Footage taken of the pool showed that she engaged in relations with the two students. It is not clear, though, whether the footage depicted all three of them having sex at the same time or if it happened on different occasions.

Collier county detectives attained the video footage of Rosa having sex with the two students in the condo’s swimming pool. She did admit to investigators that she let the students come over to use the pool but said she did not hang out with them.

She also denied having any other contact with the boys, including visiting one of them or giving them alcohol or drugs.

She was subsequently dismissed from the Phoenix Academy, where she had been working as of Monday.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s office, Rosa has also been charged with three counts of lascivious or lewd behavior and promoting sexual activity in a minor under 16.

She was also charged multiple counts giving narcotics to a minor and providing alcohol to someone under 21.

There are many cases of student-teacher relations which have been prosecuted.

Just last month, a veteran high school teacher in North Carolina was charged with having relations with a 17-year-old student. The boy reported to the school staff they had a sexual relationship.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay