Flying people have been spotted all over New York City in the last few weeks. The stunt is actually a promo for the upcoming film, Chronicle. (PHOTO: Screen Capture / YouTube / 20th Century Fox).

Don't worry, the flying people spotted all over New York City in the last few weeks are not real.

The stunt is actually a promo for the upcoming thriller Chronicle, out in February.

On Monday, a video documenting the flying stunt was released, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the unusual campaign.

The campaign was designed by Thinkmodo, the company behind the iPad Head Girl, a promo for Hearst's iPad-exclusive magazine Cosmo For Guys.

Since the three main characters of the movie have the ability to fly, we came up with the idea of staging a few 'flying people' sightings around NYC, Michael Krivicka of Thinkmodo told TechCrunch.

Krivicka also noted that three custom-made aircrafts (shaped like human beings) were used in the stunt, which gave the illusion of flying people in New York City and New Jersey. The aircrafts reached areas including the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.

Chronicle, starring young up-and-comers Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), Dane DeHaan (In Treatment) and Ashley Hinshaw (Gossip Girl, Fringe), follows the lives of high school kids with superhuman powers. Things take a turn for the worse when the group begins to misuse the abilities.

The flying people stunt seems to be working for the film. On Twitter, early reaction to the promo seems to be positive.

Great Marketing - Can't wait to see chronicle, wrote one user.

If you're in #NYC & see people flying, don't be alarmed - it's a movie promo. Wouldn't have made this connection, wrote another.

The flying people of Chronicle are not to be confused with wingsuit flying, a popular sport from the late 1990s. A quick YouTube search reveals that the activity has recently been embraced in parts of Switzerland and Norway.

Chronicle arrives in theaters on Feb. 3. Scroll down for a behind-the-scenes look at the film's unusual flying people campaign, as well as the official movie trailer.