The saffron-robed Swami Ramdev, India's famous yoga guru, has pledged a hunger strike starting Saturday to protest against corruption. The government in India is trying everything in its power to convince him otherwise.

The yoga guru is adamant despite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's appeal to call off the protest. He is set to begin fasting on Saturday in the capital, New Delhi, and reports say that 10 million people will join him in the protest until the government agrees to pass an anti-corruption law. Ramdev calls the protest apolitical, but hopes his grassroots approach will stir the government to action. His efforts comes on the heels of social activist Anna Hazare's hunger strike that drove the nation to the brink of mass protest less than a month ago.

Ramdev is a well-known figure both in India and across the globe and his daily TV show attracts more than 30 million viewers worldwide. Here's a look at the popular figure as he travels across India: