• Suzuki vs. Soma in "Food Wars" Season 5 episode 3
  • Suzuki challenges Soma for a friendly food war
  • Who will win this challenge?

“Food Wars!” Season 5 episode 3 trailer is out and it teases a marriage. Towards the end of episode 2, Suzuki challenges Soma for a food war.

This article contains spoilers from “Food Wars!” Season 5 episodes.

In the third episode of “Food Wars!” Season 5 episode 3, Suzuki and Soma will face each other for a friendly food war. Suzuki wants Erina Nakiri to be his bride, but Soma tells him that Nakiri will be his bride. Who will win the food war competition?

In “Food Wars!” Season 5 episode 2, the World Gourmet Organization (WGO) has announced the BLUE. According to the announcement, three representatives from Totsuki Academy can participate.

The academy has to figure out who those three are going to be. Soma Yukihira is excited and announces that he should be one of the participants. “It is the competition that my dad was supposed to be in, and I am the first seat,” he says.

Since WGO has not appointed the spots, the whole academy is eligible to fight for the three slots. Apart from the three slots, there is a fourth which is filled already. Erina Nakiri is the chosen one.

The academy decides to conduct the BLUE preliminaries. The cooking competition will decide who will fill the three spots in the BLUE.

The judges will be of all ages and each one will score each dish up to ten points. The three chefs with the highest scores will get a chance to represent Totsuki Academy in the BLUE.

The head judge is Dojima Gin, head chef at the Totsuki Resort. The participants can use whatever ingredient they want to prepare the soup and finish the dish in the allotted time.

The arena is packed as participants rush to prepare their soup. From the Three Greatest Soups Marui Special to A5 Rank Beef Tail Soup Don, the participants are coming up with world-class soup making it harder for the judges to choose the best three.

Soma’s dish looks golden and as the judges dig in the balls of soup, a flavor explosion kicks off in their mouths. It has the flavor of a delicate and rich Hamburg steak.

Meanwhile, the head judge announces the results and Soma takes the third spot, Aldini comes second and Megumi takes the first spot.

“Food Wars!” Season 5 episode 3 is scheduled to air on Friday, (April 24).

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