• The file size of "Fortnite" on PC has shrunk by 60 GB
  • Storage capacity is a finite resource that gamers consider when purchasing titles
  • Downsizing benefits both players and game developers  

The newest update for “Fortnite” on PC has reduced the game’s file size by a considerable amount.

The battle royal game developed by Epic Games has shrunk its file size on PC by a little over 60 GB and now stands between 25 and 30 GB in total.

Aside from noting that the patch size will be larger than normal at approximately 27 GB, the Fortnite service update Twitter page also said that this was done to shrink download size for future patches and to increase loading times.

Storage is a perennial issue among gamers in general because of the seemingly ever-increasing size of games on every platform. Whether it be on PC or on consoles, the file size of games is an issue that prospective buyers often take into consideration when they are about to make a purchase.

Since storage capacity is a finite resource, smaller file sizes can be more appealing especially when players want to install more games that will require some of their device’s storage capacity.

A large part of the appeal of “Fortnite” is its availability on multiple platforms. Despite Epic Games’ recent issues with Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, “Fortnite” can still be played on other platforms like PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 and storage is finite for each of those platforms as well.

As helpful as this move to smaller file sizes is for players, it actually also benefits developers. The smaller the file size, the easier it is to put games on solid state drives. That in turn will allow developers to work on faster loading times, per Polygon.

After Infinity Ward recently allowed users to uninstall parts of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” that they are not using, this might be a new trend that gamers can look forward to seeing in more titles in the months to come.

Man playing PC game fortnite
Man playing Fortnite PC edition 11333328/ Pixabay