ABC Family isn’t just premiering movies during the annual “25 Days of Christmas.” Plenty of the network's shows will have Christmas specials, and fans of “The Fosters” and “Switched At Birth” will get a double dose of the Christmas spirit with both holidays episodes airing back-to-back. ABC Family released a new promo that shows just a few glimpses from both episodes, and it gave “The Fosters” fans plenty to be excited about. It looks like Brandon (David Lambert) and Callie (Maia Mitchell) will be spending plenty of time together over the holidays.

“The Fosters” family seems to be having a pleasant holiday. “This motley crew is the best I could ever ask for,” Stef (Terri Polo) says.

But of course, Brandon and Callie are feeling the angst. In the summer finale, Callie’s father (Kerr Smith) revealed that he wasn’t ready to let her be adopted. After the adoption was put on hold, Callie and Brandon shared a kiss. The Christmas episode will reveal what happened after their moment, but it looks like Brandon might not be happy with the outcome.

“Not really feeling the Christmas spirit,” Brandon says in the promo.

“I guess I can return this then,” Callie says as she shows his gift.

“Well, I’m definitely feeling presents,” Brandon says.

Watch the promo – which also shows scenes from the “Switched At Birth” Christmas special – below:

Although the episode will take place during Christmas, fans will find out what happened in the summer. “Timing wise it’s interesting because in the story it technically takes place right at the Quinns’ house, right where we left off on the finale,” Lambert told Hollywood Life. “So it’s almost as if no time has passed. We’re back with Brandon and Callie out in the driveway and the episode sort of becomes a trip down memory lane for Brandon specifically who sort of has, I guess, a flashback. And the episode takes us back to the first Christmas that Callie and Jude spent with the Fosters.”

“The Fosters” Christmas special will air Monday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. EST during ABC Family's “25 Days of Christmas.” Do you think Callie and Brandon will get back together? Sound off in the comments section below!