“Chasing Life” fans are getting a special holiday treat on Dec. 9. The drama is airing a Christmas episode that will reveal the fate of Leo (Scott Michael Foster). But viewers don't need to wait until then to find out if the heartthrob is alive or dead, because it seems the photos from the Christmas episode already did that!

The summer finale of “Chasing Life” Season 1 left Leo’s life in the balance. April (Italia Ricci) had a voicemail from him, but viewers don’t know what was said. When April went to find him, his parents were sitting in the waiting room — and then the show ended. Fans don’t know if Leo is dead or if he was just in surgery, and Foster played coy when he was asked about the cliffhanger.

"I guess we'll just have to see. I as a viewer would hope to see more Leo, but that's me as a viewer. Me as the actor knows whether or not we will," he told E Online.


So is Leo dead? It seems Foster’s wishes as a viewer came true. Judging from the new photos ABC Family released, it looks like Leo is alive and well.

At least Leo seems to be alive in the photos for the "Chasing Life" Christmas special. The episode is Christmas-themed, but it doesn’t fast forward to December. The series is still in May, but April’s family decides that she needs something to cheer her up.

“When April realizes that she’s starting to lose her hair, the family decides to throw her a Christmas, which is her favorite holiday, while she’s still in the hospital and starting to struggle with this loss,” executive producer Patrick Sean Smith told TVLine.

The “Chasing Life” Christmas special, titled “Locks Of Love,” airs Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family. Check out more photos of Leo below: