• Four people were burned alive after two trucks collided and caught fire in India's Rajasthan state
  • The victims were reportedly completely charred and were only identified based on the vehicles' registration numbers
  • Police believed one of the drivers had fallen asleep and lost control of the vehicle, causing the collision

Four people allegedly burned to death earlier this week after two trucks collided and caught fire along a highway in India's Rajasthan state.

All four victims had been burned alive following the head-on collision on the Beawar-Jaipur bypass in Ajmer district at around 6 a.m. Tuesday, newspaper The Times of India reported.

The collision was allegedly so huge that both the trucks caught fire and did not provide the passengers inside any chance to escape.

Authorities identified the deceased passengers of one truck as Jaipur residents Sanjay Lee, 22, and Suresh Nathwal, 34.

The remaining two from the other vehicle were identified as 20-year-old Shishram Gujjar and his 28-year-old relative, Om Prakash. Both of them were from Alwar district's Kushalgarh area.

The four victims were completely charred and authorities were only able to identify their bodies based on the registration numbers of the two vehicles, according to the report. They were later sent to JLN Hospital in Ajmer for post-mortem.

The two trucks reportedly came in from opposite directions; one was from Beawar while the other from Jaipur, deputy superintendent Mukesh Soni said. The truck from Jaipur side crossed the road divider and hit the second truck.

Trucks from behind also lost control due to the collision, villagers on the scene said.

Police reportedly believed that the driver of one of the trucks had fallen asleep and lost control of the vehicle.

The highway was allegedly jammed after flames engulfed both vehicles, which took authorities two hours to control. Police officials were also on the scene to regulate the traffic from both sides of the highway.

The truck coming from Jaipur was reportedly loaded with marble, while the other one coming from Beawar was carrying cement.

A similar incident occurred in the state of Haryana last month when two trucks coming from opposite directions rammed into each other along a road and caught fire, resulting in one of the drivers being burned alive.

The collision happened along Dadri-Loharu road near Birhi Kalan village in the district of Bhiwani on July 9. The impact caused the two vehicles to catch fire, burning one of the drivers to death while his passenger and the driver of the other truck obtained severe burn injuries.

An initial investigation revealed that both trucks were traveling at high speeds when one of them suddenly came across each other. The vehicles then collided face on as the drivers could not control the trucks and lost balance.

Representation. The collision had caused other vehicles from behind to lose control as well. Pixabay