A shocking NSFW video that went viral over the weekend appears to have been a prank, though it probably fooled some people as it related to an actual news story. The video shows an apparent Fox news reporter saying live on air that he would have sex with a woman who was reported missing at the time. In the vulgar 20-second clip, the man is seen looking at his script before placing an earpiece in, looking at the camera, and inappropriately talking about the missing woman.

Fortunately, the clip is not real, according to mediaite.com, which surmised it was just a prank to fool viewers. While there really was a 20-year-old woman missing in Kentucky, who was found later that day, the "Fox" clip is a fake, with one telltale sign being the "reporter" using an earbud from an iPod as his earpiece as opposed to a microphone with his station logo on it. The faux reporter's rant about the missing woman was edited into a real news clip in which Spokane, Wash., Fox station reporter Lindsay Nadrich accidentally drops an f-bomb during her segment. Anchor Kjerstin Ramsing is then seen apologizing for the incident.

In the fake NSFW clip, the male "reporter" says to the cameraman, apparently unaware that he is live, "Oh, I don't care if she's 20, hell I'd f--k her; you can't say you wouldn't f--k her. Maybe that's what I'll do when I find her, I'll go and f--k her. F--k her right in her p---y." The screen then immediately cuts to a stunned female anchor, whose mouth is wide open in shock. "Alright, well, we definitely apologize for that editing error in that story," she says after pausing for several seconds.

Check out the NSFW clip below: