free rein filmed
Netflix’s “Free Rein” is filmed in the United Kingdom. Netflix

After two seasons and two holiday specials — including the Valentine’s Day episode released on Friday — of “Free Rein,” do you find yourself wondering, “Where is this Netflix show filmed, and is it actually this beautiful?” If so, you’re in luck because star Jaylen Barron (Zoe) is giving you all the answers.

The show sees American teenager Zoe move from the United States to a fictional island off the coast of England, where she befriends horses and their riders at a local stable. Each episode features the calm and quiet scenery of the real-life locations where the Netflix series is filmed.

“It’s beautiful, greenery everywhere,” Barron told International Business Times of what the filming locations are like for “Free Rein.”

Most of the scenes are done in various areas in North Wales, including on the island of Anglesey, especially in the town of Beaumaris.

“Oh my goodness, it’s such a small town,” Barron told IBT. “Since we stay there for so long, people begin to know your face, and they’re like, ‘Oh, wow, here we go again.’

The actress thinks “everybody should really visit it” because of how beautiful, serene and “cool” the area is.

There are also some “Free Rein” scenes filmed in England’s Shropshire and Cheshire areas.

Catch all the stunning locations in the new “Free Rein: Valentine’s Day” special that’s now streaming on Netflix, and then see more of them when Season 3 releases later this year.