• Rollkers is an innovative product which promises to double walk speed
  • Dubbed the world's first-ever under shoes, consumers can easily strap this product to the bottom of their shoes
  • It can travel at the speed of up to seven miles per hour with a range of 30 minutes

French startup Rollkers has showcased its groundbreaking personal mobility product at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which promises to reduce trip times by doubling walk speed.

Some people who frequent airports would often daydream of having airport-style walkways that move, but Rollkers founder Paul Chavand, instead of offering this kind of road, probably thought the other way around and came up with the under-shoe technology.

Inspired by the technology seen in roller skates, inline skates, skateboards and the wheel in the shoe of Heelys shoes, Rollkers is an innovative product developed through research and development. Not so much as a powerful toy but more of a revolutionary form of personal mobility, this product offers more than meets the eye.

Dubbed the world's first-ever under shoes, Rollkers is a kind of device that consumers can easily strap to the bottom of their shoes and help them travel faster to their desired destination while maintaining a walk-like posture.

According to the company, Rollkers can travel at the speed of up to seven miles per hour with a range of 30 minutes. It is small and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for those who want to bring their walking or commuting experience to a whole new level.

Rollkers feature the intelligent algorithm for by-feet driving that allows users to experience moving from one point to another as though they are on a travelator. To top it all, the product boasts of Tracks technology, an advancement that stabilizes the user, preventing them from falling or losing balance.

Rollkers also features powerful servomotor and batteries, wireless left and right synchronization and an electronic controller for assistance and stabilization. This innovative personal mobility product can fit any size and shape of shoes and users just need to walk normally to activate it and stop walking to terminate the operation.

Aside from showcasing the product, the company also announced that it is prepared to move forward to the next stage of development and is currently looking for strategic partnerships from manufacturing to "investment and beyond."

Rollkers promises that users need not do training to use the under shoes, but it might give a strange sensation to users upon using it for the first time.

The product simply adds motor power to users' everyday stride, speeding up their pace while offering style and boosting the individual's efficiency.

Rollkers Showcases Groundbreaking Personal Mobility Device At CES 2023