8pm - Surviving Suburbia – Desperate Housewife (30 min)
Anne questions Steve’s commitment after he admits that a neighbor going through a divorce flirted with him. Meanwhile Courtney and Henry fight for control of the downstairs TV.

8:30 pm - The Goode Family – Trouble in Store (30 min)
Helen is accused of stealing what she thought was a free sample of wheatgrass at One Earth, and the store bans her for life. The timing couldn't be worse: She was planning a dinner party to help advance Gerald's career.

9pm – Mental – Do Over (60 min)
Jack treats a construction worker (Trevor Morgan) who has physiological and psychological symptoms after an accident on the job. The doc learns the man’s memory of his accident doesn’t match what happened, but instead matches a more serious accident that occurred at the same job site more than 100 years ago.