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"Friends" will be returning to Netflix on Jan. 1, 2015 with all 10 season in addition to never-before-seen footage. Reuters

The gang’s all here! Our favorite pals from the hit sitcom “Friends” will be returning to our homes on Jan. 1, 2015, for more laughs when all 236 episodes stream on Netflix. So, grab a cup of Central Perk coffee and make yourself comfy, because in just a few short months fans of the 10-season comedy will be able to reunite with their favorite New Yorkers with the click of a button.

“They will all be there for you,” Netflix wrote on Twitter, along with a video of The Rembrandts singing the “Friends” theme song all while Gunther (James Michael Tyler) pours a cup of Joe into an "I love Netflix" mug.

But what makes the return of “Friends” even more exciting is what the streaming giant revealed on Wednesday. In addition to viewers being able to binge-watch all 10 seasons, they’ll also have a chance to check out the “lost” episodes where Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) “became a thing.”

Note it doesn’t say an “accidental thing.” In the Season 8 finale, “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (Part 2),” Joey found an engagement ring (that belonged to Ross) in Rachel’s hospital room. As he examined it, she came to the conclusion that he was proposing and said, “Okay.” Joey’s wide eyes proved that he had no intention of getting hitched to Rachel, and he spent the entire Season 9 premiere trying to tell her that the proposal was an accident.

Eventually Joey comes clean and Rachel ends up with Ross. But we always wondered, in the back of our minds, what would have happened if Joey had gone through with marrying Rachel. Hopefully this “lost” episode will give viewers an answer to the question as well as ending a longtime feud between “Friends” EP/director Kevin S. Bright and fans.

When the complete series of “Friends” was released on Blu-Ray it was boasted that the DVD would hold more than 20 hours of bonus material, including three hours of never-before-seen features. However, when fans purchased the coveted package, the deleted footage was noticeably missing.

Although the deleted footage was included in a previously released DVD version of “Friends,” Bright told TV Guide that the network had a change of heart while compiling the Blu-Ray version. According to the EP, NBC wanted fans to see the gang in a new light watching them on Blu-Ray, and to accommodate that the network removed the coveted “lost” footage.

“The deleted footage was, frankly, added specifically for one home video release. If fans are particularly interested in additional footage, those versions are still available,” he said in 2012. “But for this, we wanted something that we, the creators, felt represented the show as we always wanted it to be remembered, which is the original NBC broadcast versions, which have never before been released as that, combined with fantastic new picture and sound, a new documentary and other new features.”

Bright acknowledged that he wasn’t surprised when viewers objected to missing the deleted scenes, but explained that’s how the network wanted to preserve the show. But three years later our favorite friends are about to reveal it all -- just like “ugly naked guy”!

Are you excited to see deleted scenes from “Friends”? Sound off in the comments section below with what deleted footage you hope will be included when the sitcom releases all 10 seasons on Netflix Jan. 1, 2015.