• The additive improves fuel economy by up to 8-9%
  • Reduces unburnt hydrocarbons by up to 50%, CO2 emissions by 8%, and carbon monoxide by 15%
  • Designed to be added by fuel manufacturers to lower the burden on consumers
  • Cost-effective, adding less than 2 cents per gallon of fuel

A new startup, FuelGems , has produced a fuel additive that can significantly cut the level of harmful vehicle emissions. The company states that the additive can reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emission by 15%, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by 8-9%, and unburnt hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and other harmful chemicals by up to 50%. It also cuts gasoline consumption by up to 8%, thereby lowering emissions overall by the same amount.

There’s increasing awareness of the damage that vehicle emissions cause to the environment. Cars, trucks, and other transportation methods release carbon dioxide, which is a major driver in climate change, as well as nitrogen dioxide (NOx) which causes acid rain and sulfur dioxide which can poison ecosystems.

Other emissions harm human health, such as benzene, which is carcinogenic, carbon monoxide which is a known poison, and particulate matter and unburnt hydrocarbons which can cause heart disease, cancer, and auto-immune disorders. Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, drought, heatwaves, and floods take millions of lives every year. The World Health Organization states that "about 100 000 premature adult deaths attributable to air pollution occur each year in the WHO European Region."

FuelGems has worked to develop a simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use fuel additive that helps combat the harm of vehicle emissions. It’s not enough to wait for electric vehicles (EVs) to become widespread enough to replace fuel-powered vehicles. Even by 2050, it’s estimated that gasoline vehicles will continue to dominate the U.S. vehicle fleet .

FuelGems’ Fuel Additive Can Cut Harmful Emissions by up to 50%, Says Exec
FuelGems’ Fuel Additive Can Cut Harmful Emissions by up to 50%, Says Exec Pixabay

Unlike most fuel additives, FuelGems intends that fuel manufacturers should apply the fuel additive at the wholesale level, before selling it to consumers, in order to increase takeup and make sure that ratios are measured correctly. FuelGems’ additive is low-cost, adding around 2 cents to the price of each gallon of gasoline.

Direct consumers might be reluctant to buy a specific fuel additive, measure and add it themselves, but they are a lot less likely to grumble about paying an extra few cents on every tank for greener fuel. Everyone recognizes the benefits of a fuel that’s kinder to the planet and improves public health, plus the FuelGems’ additive extends engine life too. If it doesn’t inconvenience them and isn’t significantly more expensive, consumers will embrace it with open arms. The startup anticipates high takeup from manufacturers and consumers alike.