Fuller House
The Tanner-Fuller (Andrea Barber, Jodi Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure) family returns to “Fuller House” in the Season 2 trailer. Netflix

As promised, Netflix released the trailer for Season 2 of “Fuller House” on Tuesday. The official promo features the usual “Fuller House” jokes and gags, but there are a few things you may have missed such as returning guests, new characters and new relationships.

1. Girl Talk And Gia Are Back

Not only is Stephanie’s (Jodie Sweetin) band Girl Talk reuniting, it looks like Stephanie’s best friend Gia (Marlo Sokoloff) is returning as well. With Stephanie on guitar, Gia on bass and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) on keyboard, it looks like D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) will join the band as the drummer.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving at the Tanner Fuller house will feature a packed crowd including D.J. sitting next to Matt (John Brotherton), Kimmy sitting next to her ex-husband and Joey (Dave Coulier) sitting next to a mystery woman. The blonde woman next to Joey and Danny (Bob Saget) is most likely Joey’s wife.

3. New Years Eve Episode

We knew there would be a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas episode but it appears there will also be a New Year's episode or at least a celebration in one of the episodes. At the 1:37 mark, we can see the entire family gathered in the living room with a “Happy New Year 2017” banner behind them.

4. Stephanie And Kimmy’s Brother

Towards the beginning of the trailer we see Stephanie and Kimmy’s brother, Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch), sharing a kiss but as the trailer goes on, it appears that the two get closer and closer. During the New Year’s Eve party, Stephanie can be seen with her arm around Jimmy and during the Thanksgiving dinner, Stephanie is sitting next to Jimmy.

5. D.J. And Matt Getting Close?

D.J. says she has finally made a decision between Matt and Steve (Scott Weinger) but in another scene, Steve, while standing next to Matt, says, “We both have girlfriends.” It’s uncertain in what order these events will play out but in another scene, we see Steve in a tuxedo while D.J. and Matt are dressed up as well at what appears to be a wedding for someone. Matt can also be seen playing with D.J.’s kids.