Nelle wants to get revenge on Carly for abandoning her and obtaining the life she has always dreamed of. For the week of April 13 on “General Hospital,” Nelle will team up with an unlikely ally to try to gain the upper hand against the Corinthos family.

Last week on “GH,” viewers learned that Carly (Laura Wright) met Nelle (Chloe Lanier) before she moved to Port Charles. In a flashback, Nelle was seen wearing a half heart necklace and overheard a conversation between Carly and her father.

In the present, Nina (Cynthia Watros) was in her office clutching a similar half heart necklace that belonged to the daughter she never met. Meanwhile, Nelle was in the Crimson lobby and admitting that she has resented Carly for years.

Nelle revealed she was disappointed that Carly didn’t stick around to take care of her. Although Carly insisted Nelle didn’t understand what she overheard, Nelle was convinced that Carly abandoned her and was determined to follow through with her plans for revenge.

“General Hospital” spoilers for next week reveal Nelle runs into Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Viewers are aware that Nelle was working with Valentin so she could sell him her ELQ stocks and get money toward her plan to obtain her dream life.

However, it appears the two will cross paths once again, and their latest encounter may expose a secret.

In the past, Valentin attempted to fix his relationship with Nina by hiring Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) to pretend to be her long lost daughter.

Unfortunately for him, the truth was exposed, and Nina ended their relationship. Along with losing Nina, Valentin also lost his access to the Cassadine fortune and is desperate to regain his prestigious social status.

Nelle knows she needs full custody of Wiley (Erik and Theo Olson) if she is going to secure her dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle. Meanwhile, Valentine is eager to get revenge against those who caused him to lose everything.

Will Nelle and Valentin’s twisted partnership reveal the truth about Nelle’s connection to Nina?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.

General Hospital
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Brad (Perry Shen) are hiding a shocking secret ton “General Hospital.” The actors are pictured in a scene from an earlier episode. ABC