Nelle is doing a good job of playing the victim and gaining sympathy from everyone around her. However, Nelle’s recent victory over Carly appears to have made her a bit too confident and she may have to pay for dropping her guard. On the Tuesday, May 15 episode of “General Hospital,” Carly desperately tries to expose the truth while Ava catches a break.

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal things do not look good for Carly (Laura Wright). In the promo, Carly is seen telling Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) set her up.

Lately, Sonny has been having doubts about Carly’s mental state. What makes matters worse is his wife is claiming Nelle ended up at the bottom of the stairs because the two were fighting over a baby blanket identical to Morgan’s (Bryan Craig), but her story is a little hard to believe seeing as no one can find the item in question.

Spoilers reveal Ava (Maura West) reclaims a small piece of control. In the midst of all of the chaos, Ava volunteered to head upstairs to check on the children.

While there’s a good chance she genuinely wanted to check on her daughter, there’s also a possibility she snagged the blanket while she had a moment away from the baby shower guests.

If Ava was able to take the blanket, she can now hold it over Nelle’s head. The missing baby blanket is the only thing holding Nelle’s story together. At the moment, Nelle is insisting Carly pushed her out of rage rather than a spat over a blanket, and her story looks pretty believable.

Ava never wanted any part of Nelle’s plan but was blackmailed into acting like she gifted her with the penguin mobile, which sparked the drama at the celebration. With Ava in possession of the baby blanket, she no longer has to follow Nelle’s orders.

Elsewhere in the promo, Nelle asks Kim (Tamara Braun) if her baby with Michael (Chad Duell) is going to be ok.

When Nelle first fell down the stairs, Monica (Patty McCormack) reminded Carly about the time she once fell from the top of the Quartermaine stairs and suffered a miscarriage. The doctor went on to accuse Carly of purposely trying to harm Nelle and the baby, even though Carly insisted she simply wanted to take the blanket from her.

Spoilers reveal Kim has good news to share, however. When Nelle first arrived at the hospital, she was told the baby was fine so far, but it looks like Dr. Nero will be confirming both Nelle and the baby’s good health after running a few tests.

Even though Nelle and the baby appear to be in the clear, will Carly be able to convince everyone she is the real victim or will she be punished by both the law and her family?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.