Following their divorce, Jason and Sam have managed to lead separate lives even though they both still care about one another. On the Friday, March 2 episode of “General Hospital,” a natural disaster may force the former loves to admit their true feelings.

A promo released earlier this week for the ABC soap teased Port Charles will be “rocked to its core” on Friday. The fictional town is expected to be hit with an earthquake, which means there will be plenty of injuries and possibly even deaths.

However, this disaster may also force people to admit their feelings for one another when put in a life and death situation. “GH” spoilers reveal Jason (Steve Burton) will run into Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Spoilers also reveal Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam will play chaperone. The two are expected to volunteer their services at Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) school dance but it appears Sam doesn’t hang around for the festivities for too long.

While it is unclear why she leaves the dance, she is expected to end up at the Quartermaine mansion, where she will run into Jason. In the past, their son, Danny (T.K. Weaver), has spent time with his father’s side of the family, and the parents could be simply checking up on their child.

Nonetheless, Sam and Jason will be together when the disaster strikes. Considering there will be plenty of damage and aftershocks, her chances of being trapped with Jason for an extended period time are pretty high.

On New Year’s Eve, Jason and Sam were tricked into boarding the Haunted Star and ended up trapped on the boat for hours. During their time together, the two reminisced about the past and ended up sharing a passionate kiss.

Although Sam felt bad for not having her New Year’s kiss with Drew, the sweet moment forced her to remember the good times she and Jason had during their relationship, before he disappeared.

Will the chaos of the disaster, and extended time spent together force Jason and Sam to confess their feelings for one another?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.