Jason, Sam, and Spinelli are all conveniently in Switzerland where they are planning to solve the big mystery behind Jason’s disappearance and Drew’s memory loss but with the former lovers working so closely together, things can take a surprising turn. On the Friday, April 20 episode of “General Hospital,” Jason will realize something important.

In the promo, Jason (Steve Burton), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) are seen dressed up in the office of one of the bank’s employees. Spinelli then tells the staff member that he and the bank are at his mercy.

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal Spinelli will help Jason make a move. Jason previously planned for Spinelli to pose as Henrik so he could get access to Faison’s (Anders Hove) safe deposit box. However, now that Sam is along for the ride, the plan could go in a completely different direction.

Prior to pulling off the plan that is seen in the preview, Spinelli got himself into some trouble and landed in jail. Although Sam was eager to help him because she was already in Switzerland, Spinelli made sure Jason also showed up so he could force the two together.

After learning Jason was also in Switzerland, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) accused Sam of wanting to get back with him but she assured her mother that solving cases was a part of who she was. She then insisted that carrying out an investigation with Jason would make her feel like the old Sam for the first time in a long time.

Sam previously told Jason and Drew (Billy Miller) that she needed to get away to learn how to trust herself again and figure out who she was. Only then could she decide who she truly wanted to spend the rest of her life with or if she would be better off alone.

If Sam is finally able to feel like herself by finding answers to Drew’s past with Jason’s help, could this bring the two closer together?

“GH” spoilers suggest Jason will see the truth. Will Jason see who Sam needs to be with or will he finally figure out the truth behind his and Drew’s life-altering predicament?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.