It will be a day of scheming and compassion for the residents of Port Charles as they struggle to deal with their complicated situations. On the Wednesday, August 22 episode of “General Hospital,” Julian unknowingly tries to prevent Brad and Nelle’s secret from being exposed as Sonny reaches out to Michael.

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) takes a meeting with Diane (Carolyn Hennesy). In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Alexis asks her fellow lawyer why Wiley’s birth mother would reconsider the adoption.

In the previous episode, Brad (Parry Shen) told Julian (William DeVry) that the baby he and Lucas had living in their home was not the real Wiley. Brad admitted that Wiley died in his sleep but explained that he got the second baby from a homeless woman on the side of the road who had no means to take care of the child.

However, viewers know Nelle (Chloe Lanier) asked Brad to switch babies with her so her son wouldn’t grow up in the Corinthos household. As a result of her request, the baby boy that Brad and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) are caring for is actually Michael’s (Chad Duell) son.

After learning he could lose Wiley to his birth mother, Brad asked Julian for help in order to keep the woman from taking a baby that wasn’t actually hers.

Following a chat with Alexis, Julian learned that new information would be the only thing to stop the birth mother from regaining custody of the baby. In the “GH” promo video, Brad makes a call and asks if the person on the other end has made any headway on how he and Lucas can keep Wiley.

Will Julian be able to dig up some dirt on Wiley’s birth mother and stop her from breaking up Lucas’ family or will Brad have to confess to switching babies with Nelle?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Michael will continue to mourn the loss of a child that is not actually his. In the ABC promo video, Sonny (Maurice Benard) tells Michael not to make the same mistakes he did.

Sonny has a history of pushing away the people he loves during times of grief. Although Michael is still struggling with what he believes is the loss of his son, Sonny doesn’t want him to spiral out of control and follow in his footsteps.

Will Sonny convince Michael to lean on his family during his difficult time or will the young father let his heartbreak turn into rage?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.