After nine hours of deliberation, a jury found George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Yeardley Love, guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny.

Huguely, 24, was found not guilty of four other charges, including burglary and breaking and entering, in the case that drew national attention in 2010.

Second-degree murder in Virginia carries a sentence of five to 40 years, and grand larceny one to 20 years. The seven men and five women on the jury, who heard 60 witnesses over nine days, recommended a sentence of 25 years for murder and one year for grand larceny.

An April court date for sentencing was set by Judge Edward Hogshire. A formal sentencing is expected this summer. According to Fox News, the judge does not have to take the jury's recommendations, but typically they do.

The jurors had to decide if Huguely intended on killing Love or if it was an accident. They also had to decide whether alcohol and Adderall, an attention-deficit prescription drug found in Love's body, could have contributed to her death. Huguely, who faced six charges, had been accused of hitting Love's head against the wall multiple times in May 2010 before leaving her face down in her own blood. Love was 22.

Huguely's lawyer, Francis McQ. Lawrence said he was disappointed with the verdict, but proud to represent his client. He has displayed amazing resilience and courage.

The court was full of emotions as Love's family told the jury how their lives have changed since she died.

Every year that goes by I'd like to know what she'd be doing now, said Love's mother, Sharon.

Her older sister, Lexie Love, said Love's death had left a large hole, adding, A song will come on the radio and I'll just burst out in tears.