HBO's successful sci-fi drama “Westworld” has been renewed for a second season. HBO

“Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin is proud of HBO for having two shows going up against each other at the Golden Globes, one of which is based on the fantasy series he created.

“Being an HBO guy, I'm thrilled that to see that both ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Westworld’ have been nominated for the big prize,” he wrote on his blog.

However, Martin acknowledged that the first season of “Westworld” was a true masterpiece, so he tipped his hat to the sci-fi show. “Though Westworld is going to be some tough competition. (In fact, I would figure WW for the favorite),” he concluded.

But should neither shows win the Best Show category, Martin wouldn’t feel bad, just as long as “Stranger Things” takes it home. “As an science fiction and fantasy geek, I am also delighted to see that "Stranger Things' made the list,” he said. “Three out of five finalists being genre shows... and during this golden age of television... is another sign of just how far we've come.”

It will be a long wait before “Westworld” returns to the small screen, since show creator Jonathan Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter that they have a lot of preparations to complete. “We knew for ourselves that going forward, the production is enormously challenging and ambitious, and so is the writing. So we said very early on that we wouldn't be able to turn this around every year, and knowing full well that that's been a time-honored tradition in television,” he said.

One thing’s for certain: Season 2 is going to blow fans’ minds away the same way it did in its first season run. “The first season is creating order,” Jeffrey Wright, who plays host Bernard Lowe, said in an interview. “The second season is mayhem and chaos.”

“Westworld” Season 2 will return to HBO on 2018.