Although there’s a slew of gifts available to buy for the average “Game of Thrones” fan this holiday season, “Song of Ice and Fire” writer George R. R. Martin has been treating fans to a collection of free, fun (and some not-so-fun) holiday cards from each of the houses of Westeros on Twitter. He’s hashtagged the little project “#12DaysofWesteros.”

Each day Martin, 66, has posted a new image showing a family’s crest, such as the Lannisters, Tullys, Boltons and Greyjoys, with a dark, but fun, holiday greeting. The author also added a caption to each of the holiday-themed images.

For example, the Freys' Christmas greeting card reads: “We’re dreaming of a red Christmas,” along with Martin’s caption: “On the third day … the Freys decorated their tree.” Fans of the HBO show, and anyone for whom “The Red Wedding” means something, will note the ominous tone to this not-so-cheerful holiday card.

Still, other cards released by Martin thus far have been rather fun. For example, one of his most recent additions to the #12DaysofWesteros collection included the caption, “A Lannister always brings gifts” hung above the image of a golden lion.

Martin will continue to add to his list each day. His final message is scheduled to debut Sunday, Dec. 21. Here’s what he’s revealed so far: