Waking up without your keys, wallet or even your memory is one thing, but things weren’t as easy for Geraldo Ramos.

The 64-year-old Dominican man told his local television station, Noticias Sin, he passed out drunk last week and woke up without his penis.

Ramos said he had been drinking and passed out before waking up at 5 p.m. the next day and realizing that his genitals were missing. According to the station, neighbors said that Ramos was attacked by a dog while he was drunk.

However, Ramos said he has no recollection of being attacked by a dog. The alleged dog which may have attacked Ramos has not been reported found. His penis has not been found either, according to a video on Noticias Sin.

Gawker reported Ramos said he does remember being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery after losing his “intimate member.” He told Noticias Sin he doesn’t plan to get that drunk ever again following the incident.

In another phallic mystery, a man in Niqiao village, a small region near Wenling City in east China's Zhejiang province said his penis was stolen by thieves while he slept back in July 2012. The man, 41-year-old Fei Lin, told police a group "put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off.”

"I was so shocked I didn't feel a thing—then I saw I was bleeding and my penis was gone,” he said. Later a report emerged that police believe the thieves were “jealous or slighted lovers” of local women who were involved with Lin.