• Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre said in the released testimony from her 2015 lawsuit Maxwell Ghislaine regularly abused her and was the one who sent her to see other socialites
  • Giuffre spoke about interactions with former Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz and former President Bill Clinton during her time with Epstein and Maxwell
  • Emails released show Maxwell contacted Epstein in 2015, disproving her previous statements she hadn't spoken to him for nearly a decade before his 2019 suicide

The first cache of documents from 2015 civil defamation lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime associate and ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell were released, exposing more alleged participants in Epstein’s abuse ring and Maxwell’s own involvement.

At the heart of the unsealed documents was the testimony of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who filed the lawsuit against Maxwell in 2015. In it, Giuffre maintained Maxwell was the one who recruited her for Epstein and the pair regularly abused her, molding her into their “sex slave” to share with various socialites when she was a teenager.

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine are joined hip by hip, okay? So they both trafficked me. Ghislaine brought me in for the purpose of being trafficked. They trafficked me to many people,” Giuffre said in her 2016 testimony. She also said Maxwell regularly partook in the abuse against her during her time with the pair.

“Ghislaine Maxwell [is] the one who abused me on a regular basis,” Giuffre said. “She's the one that procured me, told me what to do, trained me as a sex slave, abused me physically, abused me mentally. She's the one who I believe, in my heart of hearts, deserves to come forward and have justice happen to her more than anybody. Being a woman, it's disgusting.”

She also said Maxwell was the one who told her who she would be going to see.

“And when they say massage, that means erotic, okay? That's their term for it,” Giuffre said. “I think there are plenty of other witnesses that can attest to what massage actually means. And I'm telling you that Ghislaine told me to go to and give him a massage, which means sex.”

Giuffre’s also spoke about interactions with former President Bill Clinton and former Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz during her time with Epstein. Giuffre’s testimony against Dershowitz echoes her previous accusations against Prince Andrew, saying she was forced to have sex with the attorney at Epstein’s beckoning.

Other names are listed in Giuffre’s testimony, but were redacted.

Giuffre says the same did not happen with Clinton, but she would regularly see him at Epstein’s private home on the island of Little St. James, where “orgies were a constant thing that took place.” She said one of the first times she saw Clinton on the island; he was with “two young girls” he allegedly brought with him from New York

Authorities were also granted access to flight records and emails, the latter of which exposed contact Maxwell had with Epstein during the lawsuit. This disproves previous statements by Maxwell, who said she hadn’t spoken with Epstein for a decade before he committed suicide in 2019.

“I would appreciate it if Shelley would come out and say she was your g'friend -– I think she was from end 99 to 2002,” Maxwell said in an email to Epstein from January 2015.

“You have done nothing wrong and I would (sic) urge you to start acting like it. Go outside, head high, not as an escaping (sic) convict. Go to parties. Deal with it,” Epstein wrote in a response.

Maxwell, Prince Andrew, Clinton, and Dershowitz have all denied the accusations.

Ghislaine Maxwell is believed to have introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell is believed to have introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Laura Cavanaugh