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“Ghostbusters II” star Henry “Hank” Deutschendorf has passed away at the age of 29.

Deutschendorf, who was known as Baby Oscar in “Ghostbusters II,” reportedly committed suicide. News of his death was announced by his twin brother, William Deutschendorf, in a lengthy post on Brain & Behavior Research Foundation blog. “It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my twin brother, Hank. On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, Henry John Deutschendorf II lost his battle with schizoaffective disorder,” he wrote.

According to William, while most would remember Hank as Baby Oscar or John Denver’s nephew, he was also a martial artist and a teacher. However, only a few knew that he was suffering from schizoaffective disorder, a combination of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This is a chronic mental disorder that results in hallucinations, delusions, depression and mania.

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Hank was diagnosed with the disorder in August 2008, and he had apparently changed since then. His brother said he used to be upbeat, healthy, witty and outgoing, but the medication made him gain weight and oversleep. Hank apparently tried to fight back by using supplements, practicing meditation, following strict dietary plans and sticking to his exercise regiment. He even tried aromatherapy, chakra cleansing, magic bath salts, CBD, prayer voodoo, magic spells, parasites cleanser and more. Unfortunately, his condition only worsened with time, and the voices in his head did not stop.

According to his twin, Hank became restless as his condition got worse. He didn’t take sick leave from work for years because he knew that the voices would just continue haunting him if he stayed at home. There were times he couldn’t sleep and some moments when he was so depressed he couldn’t leave his home. William did not mention how Hank died, but he did emphasize suicide prevention.

According to the San Diego Coroner’s report, Hank committed suicide by hanging, E! News reported. “The decedent was a single, 29-year-old Caucasian male who resided with his girlfriend in an apartment in the city of Escondido. On the evening of 06/14/17, he was found suspended by a ligature around his neck in his closet by his brother,” the report read. “After cutting him down, 9-1-1 was called and first responders arrived at the home. His death was then confirmed without medical interventions due to signs of rigidity. He had a long history of depression.”

Aside from “Ghostbusters II,” Hank also appeared in the 2017 documentary, “Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters,” TMZ reported.

William revealed that will be posting Hank’s memorial service date soon. He also encouraged everyone to spread awareness about schizophrenia, bipolar and suicide prevention.

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