Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park felt the baby inside April the giraffe kick before she started giving birth. Getty Images

April the pregnant giraffe has not given birth in New York yet, but there’s still some exciting news to share. Zookeepers caught the baby calf kick out from her belly, according to Animal Adventure Park.

The zoo regularly shared updates about April’s pregnancy and was happy to reveal the calf made an appearance—even if it was in utero. “The keeper team was elated this morning to have captured the calf kicking out! Though hard to see in the pictures; baby ‘waved’ hello this early a.m.,” the zoo wrote Friday.

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With more than 15 months pregnant, most expected the giraffe to give birth days ago. Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where April lives, explained the cold New York weather distressed her. “April continues to have us all on edge; when will it be - we just don't know!” they wrote. “All physical signs show we are ready for ‘launch sequence.’ So, we continue to patiently wait.”

Since it snowed in New York Friday, the giraffes stayed inside. “Extreme cold and even snow has moved in; so our pair will remain inside today but enjoy their extra enrichment and attention,” the zoo said.

The post garnered more than 22,000 reactions from the zoo’s nearly 650,000 followers. It also attracted thousands of shares and comments.

Many viewers of the live cam noticed April raised her tail. That’s because of “pressure,” the zoo said in Thursday’s evening update. One of the zoo keepers also felt April’s baby, whose name will be decided by a vote, kick.

For those who are interested in fun facts, the zoo shared trivia about the way giraffes sleep. “Giraffes have one of the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal!” they wrote Friday. “They sleep 10 minutes to 2 hours a day; comprised of short cat naps.”

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While normally 90,000 people watched the live cam, April doesn’t like all the attention. “Hello, humans of the Internet. I, April the pregnant giraffe, understand that you are interested in the impending birth of my calf,” she “said” in a statement to March 1. “It is a joyous occasion to be sure and I'm happy to share my joy with the hundreds of thousands of people watching my live stream on YouTube. But newsflash: Staring at me and demanding ‘Where’s that baby already??’ is NOT helping.”

Even though she was pregnant for longer than expected, April stayed healthy. “April remains in great condition with no concerns from keepers or our vet team,” the New York park said Wednesday. “Activity in the belly remains very visible to the eye - even through the web cam! Slow and steady - mother nature has everything timed right. Keepers will be in shortly and any change will warrant an update!”

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