the girl on the train poster
“The Girl on the Train” poster and trailer premiered at 2016 CinemaCon 2016 in Las Vegas. Rebecka Schumann

Las Vegas— Paula Hawkin’s best-selling crime thriller “The Girl on the Train” came to life on the big screen at CinemaCon on Wednesday. As part of Universal Picture’s upcoming slate presentation the studio released the first trailer for the highly anticipated adaptation.

Emily Blunt stars as lead Rachel Watson, a woman who believes she was the last person to see a missing woman before her disappearance. The victim is later revealed to be Megan (Haley Bennett), Rachel’s ex-husband’s (Justin Theroux) nanny.

"One week ago, at 4:36 p.m., a woman disappeared," the screen reads. Blunt’s character then sees Megan, whose identity is unknown to her at first, while she's sitting on a train. When Rachel understands the woman to be missing, she shares her eye witness account, revealing she saw the female with a man for “just a second” before she was gone.

What starts as Rachel's cooperation in the missing persons case leads to her being questioned if she murdered the woman. When asked by a woman (Allison Janney) where she was on the night of the murder, Rachel says she’s unsure because time is missing from her memory and she is “afraid of herself.”

“What happened that night in the tunnel!” Rachel sternly asks an identified man in the teaser. “Tell me the truth!”

the girl on the train movie
“The Girl on the Train” director Tate Taylor spoke onstage during CinemaCon 2016 for Universal Pictures in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Getty Images

Director Tate Taylor presented the trailer to CinemaCon attendees, revealing Hawkin's book captivated him. “Every so often there’s a book,” he said. “You know it is a story that matters." Like the novel, he said the film will feature tons of sex, infidelity, obsession, a little murder and “plenty of cocktails.”

“Even on the page it was very cinematic,” he added. “Rachel is so compelling.”

For those scared the adaptation won't do the book justice, Taylor said he believes moviegoers will be “riveted,” calling Blunt’s work “breathtaking” and confirming she really “went for it” when it came to delivering on the twisted role.

“The Girl on the Train” premieres in theaters on Oct. 7.