Hannah (Lena Dunham) has found closure in “Girls” Season 6, episode 10. HBO

Girls” Season 6, episode 10 aired its series finale episode on Sunday, and it featured a five-month time jump.

In “Latching,” Hannah has already given birth to her son, Grover. She’s living in a small town in New York and preparing herself to teach Internet writing at a college. The entire episode also showed Hannah and Marnie’s (Allison William) closer relationship now that Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has decided to not stay friends with them.

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Marnie also became very much involved in Grover’s life that she offered to help raise him. Even though Hannah appreciated her offer, she didn’t want Marnie to do so. Marnie also shared her two cents about breastfeeding and encouraged Hannah to exert the effort to breastfeed her son. However, Hannah reminded Marnie that she wasn’t breastfed, yet she grew up to be an amazing woman.

At one point, Hannah also had a meltdown due to all of the pressures of motherhood. When Marnie realized she couldn’t handle her best friend, she calls Hannah’s mom for help. This upset Hannah because she didn’t want her mom to realize what a mess she was at that moment. Hannah couldn’t handle breastfeeding Grover so she stormed out of the house to get some fresh air.

While outside, she came across a crying young woman who had no pants on after having an emergency incident. Hannah decided to give the woman her jeans, but when she asked what exactly happened, she was told that she had a fight with her mom because of her boyfriend. This made Hannah very angry now that she’s a mother herself. She started screaming at the young girl who immediately ran away while still wearing her pants.

When she got home, Hannah saw her mom and Marnie taking care of a sleeping Grover. They told her that they gave him formula, and he absolutely liked it, and this made Hannah feel very happy.