Gisele Bundchen has been the world's top-earning supermodel for seven years and on the Celebrity 100 since 2001, but according to Forbes, Gisele is on her way to billions.

According to Forbes, Gisele is poised to become Brazil's first female self-made billionaire because aside from starring in campaigns for labels like Versace and Dior, she markets herself as a brand. Gisele has licensed her name for jewelry, eco-friendly makeup, sandals and most importantly, lingerie.

Gisele launched her own brand of lingerie in her native Brazil through a joint venture with Hope (Brazil's Victoria's Secret). Gisele owns a stake in the company. This venture could earn Gisele an extra $19 million UDS on top of her estimated $45 million USD annual income.

Here are some of Gisele's best runway looks.