“Glee” is known for crazy love triangles, and it appears as though the entire cast has dated each other, but one person has been left out of love stories for a while now: Rachel (Lea Michele). Since Finn’s (and Cory Monteith’s) death, she has been alone and focused on her career. However, her relationship with Sam (Chord Overstreet) in Season 6 makes it seem like the Broadway diva is ready to move on -- but will she?

Like all love stories on “Glee,” it’s another love triangle. Sam has been in love with Mercedes (Amber Riley) for some time now. Aside from a brief flirtation in last season’s Billy Joel episode, Sam hasn’t appeared interested in anyone besides Mercedes. Of course, that changed when Sue (Jane Lynch) hypnotized him this year.

In Season 6, episode 4, Sam began to act as if he was attracted to Rachel because of the hypnosis. When she confronted him, she told him she wanted to go on a date with him. Rachel was pretty let down when Sam didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. He said he was in love with Mercedes, but those feelings might not be returned. In a behind-the-scenes preview for episode 6, Mercedes confronts Rachel.

“She eventually gives her blessing,” Michele says of Riley's character.

Watch here the sneak-peek video of “Glee” Season 6, episode 6:

So Mercedes might be ready for Rachel to date again, but are the viewers? It’s been a sensitive subject for both the fans and writers. Last year, “Glee” co-creator Ian Brennan noted that Rachel’s love life wasn’t really planned after Finn. They would take steps as they felt she was ready for them. “The closest relationship on the show has been and remains Finn and Rachel, and I think that won’t change -- no matter what happens,” Brennan told TVLine last March. “And yeah, [a new Rachel romance] hasn’t quite felt right yet. It’s an open question as to when and how it will.”

The writers appear to have changed their stance, and now they’ll see if fans can adapt. Finchel shippers haven’t gone away despite Monteith’s death, and they might not be willing to accept Sam as the new man in Rachel’s life. However, many still want Rachel Berry to have a special someone. Are you ready for Rachel to move on from Finn? Take the poll below:

“Glee” Season 6, episode 6, will be shown on Fox Friday, Feb. 6. at 9 p.m. EST.