General Motors Corp on Monday set closure dates for nine factories and three part distribution centers while announcing three factories would go into standby capacity.

The automaker, which also announced it will seek court bankruptcy protection today, said it is accelerating its plans reduce manufacturing capacity.

GM will reduce its factories from 47 in 2008, to 34 in 2010 and 33 by 2011, the company said today. Using this plan, the company said will be fully utilizing all of its assembly operations by 2011.

The company said it will close 3 parts distribution centers in Boston, Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville Fla. By December 31, 2009.

Gary Cowger, GM’s Group VP of Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations said post-bankruptcy, GM’s operations would “emerge even leaner, stronger and more flexible.”

Kevin Williams, who heads the firm’s North American service and parts operations said the company is “aggressively pursuing strategies” to ensure fast parts deliveries and improve its use of available warehouse capacity.

The moves will close nine manufacturing locations by 2011, place three locations on Standby Capacity by 2010. Another two closings had already been announced.

In addition, GM said it will close three warehousing and parts distribution centers by Dec. 31, 2009.

See GM’s complete list below: