Justifying all previously failed doomsday predictions, Harold Camping has said that God did come in 1994 and that He has come this time too for the final ‘judgement’.

“May 21 is the spiritual coming, but we thought it was physical coming. But He HAS come, he now has the world under judgment, Camping said as he addressed media for the first time after his doomsday theory failed.

After his May 21st doomsday prediction failed he proclaimed October 21, 2011 to be the final judgement day, when the great earthquake will happen in which the earth will sink into its magma.

Speaking about the previous dates that were predicted to be the end of the world, Camping said spiritual judgment and salvation was in view always and it will continue until October 21, 2011, when the world will be destroyed physically.

On May 21, 1988, it came upon the churches and on September 7, 1994, it continued on the churches, he said, adding that the period was the end of the church age.

Evidence was seen ever since. If we take a snap shot of churches 50 years ago, and of our day, it's entirely different. They have far less respect for the world, far different views on marriage and music, Camping continued.
When asked about his false doomsday prediction of 1994, he said, the lord did return to earth that day. I remember the conversation with him. In September 1994, God began to evangelize the world.

Harold Camping denies he is false prophet and asserts his beliefs in Judgement Day. He did not allow the great earthquake to happen, so that no man will have to suffer for 5 months of hell on earth, Camping said refering to reports of no massive earthquake having occurred on May 21.

At the same time, Camping sounds contradictory.

There is not a new date. we have already been talking again and again. We've already talked about Oct, 21, 2011. God is humbling us, that no man knows the date. So May 21st isn't the judgement. The end of the world will be October 21, 2011, he signed off.