ABC’s “The Good Doctor” will not be airing a new episode tonight, and fans will have to wait another week for it to return.

When the show does come back, there will be a new doctor scrubbing in. Season 2, episode 15 of “The Good Doctor,” airing Feb. 18, features executive producer and “Hawaii Five-0” alum Daniel Dae Kim making his debut as Dr. Jackson Han, the new chief of surgery.

The synopsis reveals “Shaun’s [Freddie Highmore] blunt honesty with a distraught mother of a critically ill newborn baby causes the new chief of surgery to question keeping him on as a resident.”

Robyn Lively (Diane Monroe), Peter Benson (Nigel Monroe), Ravi Kapoor (Minesh Goyal) and Joe Adler (Larry Childs) will guest star.

The episode, titled “Risk and Reward,” was directed by Highmore and written by Liz Freidman and David Renaud.

Fans can still watch the medical drama tonight, it’ll just be one they’ve likely already seen before. A repeat showing of the fourth episode from this season will air during the show’s usual time slot.

In case you forgot, here’s what it was all about:

“Shaun recalls his own past to help an intellectually disabled teenager face separation from his mother, while Claire [Antonia Thomas] is put between an injured teenage rock climber and her worried parents,” according to the synopsis. “Meanwhile, Glassman’s [Richard Schiff] post-op hallucinations force him to confront a personal tragedy.”

Season 2, episode 15 of “The Good Doctor” airs on ABC on Monday, Feb. 18 at 10 p.m. EST.