"Good Morning America" reported that co-anchor Michael Strahan will be on Blue Origin’s next flight in the New Shepard rocket’s third human flight on Dec. 9, 2021, liftoff at 9 a.m. CT.

Strahan was there for the first takeoff, and he described it as a “mind-blowing” experience. When he got an offer to go into space, he accepted “without hesitation.” He was fitted for a flight suit and tested out a flight seat last week.

“I want to go to space," he said. "I think being there at the first launch, it really was mind-blowing ... I believe that this is the way of being innovative, creative, pioneers in aviation, now space travel.”

“And it’s going to take a while, but I do believe that it will bring a lot of technological breakthroughs and also innovations to us here on Earth, and I just want to be a part of it. To see the excitement to do this, to come together, you really feel like you’re part of a great team.”

Strahan is a television personality, journalist, and former professional football player, playing all 15 seasons of his career with the New York Giants.

Graphic explaining the different flight stages of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket
Graphic explaining the different flight stages of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket AFP / Cléa PÉCULIER

William Shatner’s journey into space on New Shepard made him the oldest person to ever go to space. Blue Origin also announced in October that they want to launch a private space station that will house 10 people.

NASA also said that this new era of space exploration and space tourism from companies like Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will lower the cost of space flight and help make advancements in technology and science.

However, the space tourism industry has also been met with criticism from many including Prince William, who voiced concerns in October about the industry’s impact on climate change.