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Google+, since its release, has created a name for itself among users. This sudden rise to popularity has put both Facebook and Twitter on back-foot. The networking app for Android and Google+ for the iOS browser has been released accordingly to match the popularity of Facebook and Twitter on the go. But which is better? The Android version or the iOS version?

Google+ has introduced the Huddle, a group messaging feature meant to assist small circles communicate with each other. The iPhone users, at the moment, cannot use the Huddle on Google+ and will have to settle for the traditional text messaging system and emails to convey their messages. The Android has no such problems and works well the Huddle.

The Google+ users on iOS, however, can access a panel containing circles, photos and profile, which is the same on the original Google+ stream (excluding Huddle). It is as easy to jump pages in iOS as it is in the original stream. Even the Android app offers the same satisfaction, assisting in adding comments to the user’s friend’s post or +1ing them. The Android app goes head-to-head with Google+ in iOS.

Tools such as management of circles and profile management are provided by Google+ on both platforms. Both platforms, however, are no match for the original Google+ experience on the bigger screen. The Google+ app for iOS is set for release later this year.

The photo stream works the same way and is easy on both platforms. The Android version has a head start because it allows the user to click photos and directly upload them via the application. The iOS is still to come up with an answer to that.