An amusement park with a giant Ferris wheel could be the perfect destination for you to go with your beloved one on this Valentine’s Day. Go for a ride with your loved one and enjoy the day as it is love everywhere!

Wondering why Ferris wheel? It’s because the birth anniversary of George Ferris, the man behind the original Ferris wheel, falls on the same date – Feb 14.

So how can Google miss out on this?

The search engine giant Thursday is marking the Valentine’s Day and the 154th birthday of George Ferris together with an interactive doodle on its homepage.

“This year seemed like a golden opportunity to combine our celebration of love with the birthday of the engineer whose mechanical invention has filled so many hearts with wonder,” said Doodler Brian Kaas in an official statement.

This lovely and colorful doodle shows a pair of Ferris wheels in an amusement park in the backdrop with other rides. There’s a heart button in between the wheels, clicking on which spins them together. The wheels then stop across from each other and two animal characters on the rides have a love at first sight moment. The heart button can be clicked repeatedly to match up different animals.

“We thought this would be the best way to highlight the Ferris Wheel in its natural habitat and provide a clever way to introduce some valentines to each other,” said Kaas.

So after falling in love, what will the new couples do? According to Kaas, a number of thoughts came into their mind in the initial stages of building the doodle – from the characters jumping out of their carts and ride the roller coaster to a display of their life story from youth to old age.

However, what ultimately follows their first encounter is a date. Yes, that’s what we also would have done, isn’t it?

The Google doodle includes 16 animal characters and 10 love stories. Every one of them finds his Valentine to go on a date except for the Fox, who ends up watching TV at home. Poor fellow!

For the dates, the creators use newspaper comic strips and their 3-panel composition.

“The comic strip format gave us room to tell a wide variety of stories and the horizontal format worked nicely in our layout. Once we decided on comics, the date scenarios really just starting writing themselves,” said Kaas.

There’s also a search icon at the top takes you to search results for George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. Born on Feb. 14, 1859 in Galesburg, Illinois, Ferris was an American engineer who created the original Ferris wheel for the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The directors of the exposition wanted a monument for the fair that would surpass the Eiffel Tower that was built in Paris in 1889.

Ferris came out with the "original, daring and unique” idea of a giant wheel from which visitors could view the entire exhibition. Although concerns had been raised over its safety, Ferris’ idea of a wheel that would "Out-Eiffel Eiffel” persisted.

Eventually, the Ferris Wheel became a reality with 36 cars, each fitted with 40 revolving chairs. It was able to accommodate up to 60 people, giving a total capacity of 2,160.

Take a look at the video below.