Google doodles have been an integral part of the company's tradition for a long time.

Its search engine uses the doodles to spice up the home page on holidays, on the birthdays of famous people, and just for fun. They vary widely in complexity and design, from simple decorations to interactive experiences.

Ever since Google celebrated the Burning Man festival with a simple doodle on Aug. 30, 1998, the company has had tons of fun with its doodles, honoring everybody and everything from the musician Les Paul, whose doodle featured a playable guitar graphic, to the return to Earth of asteroid explorer Hayabusa in June 2010, which was only displayed in Japan.

This slideshow offers a trip through the history of Google's doodles, from basic to extremely complex. In its exploration of the myriad topics, people, and events that move us, the company has created an online museum not only of its doodles but also of its own log of human culture.