Google will announce its new "Google Fit" at its I/O conference later this month. Reuters

Google Inc will join Apple and Samsung in offering a service that consolidates information from various health apps and fitness devices, Forbes reported Thursday.

It is unclear whether the service, called “Google Fit,” will be integrated into Google’s Android operating system or offered as a separate app. Google will launch the service at the Google I/O conference for developers in California on June 25 and 26.

Tech companies are racing to offer new ways to organize health data as wearable electronic gadgets flood the market. These products allow users to measure a wide range of data, including heart rates, sleep patterns and various exercise activities.

The trick for mobile companies is to ensure the user's privacy, and also that the services’ feedback doesn’t present itself as a bona fide diagnosis.

Google Fit will combine information from personal-fitness devices into one service.

Last week, Apple announced “Healthkit,” a service that will gather data like weight and blood pressure into one location on the iPhone or iPad.

Similarly, Samsung launched “S Health” in May, which “turns your device into a personal-health-management powerhouse.”