A UFO expert claimed that the map of the universe used in Google Sky features three distinct objects that appear to be alien bases or even planets. The expert even said the objects looked like the Borg Cube ships featured in the “Star Trek” franchise.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring discovered the objects while scanning through Google Sky, which is an interactive map of the universe that uses images provided by NASA and the European Space Agency.

In a recent blog post on ET Data Base, Waring noted that the three objects he saw were actually artificial structures. These objects can be found near the coordinates -27.413253 latitude and -117.047394 longitude.

As seen in the Google Sky images, the objects have distinct shapes with prominent geometrical features. Waring said that they are almost cube-like and look similar to the massive ships used by the Borgs, the fictional alien race from “Star Trek.”

Aside from their shapes, what’s even more interesting about the objects is that they are almost identical to one another. Although the sizes and exact shape of each object varies, they all display the same bluish color.

If the objects are artificial alien bases, it could mean they were made by the same race or group. If the objects are alien planets, the similar color could indicate that they have the same environmental conditions.

According to Waring, the objects are most likely structures that were constructed by a highly advanced race of alien beings. He theorized that these beings may have been experimenting with technological advancements for the past billions of years, allowing to them to create systems of planet-like structures in deep space.

Although the exact nature of the objects that Waring came across is not yet clear, it is possible that they’re huge clusters of dust, gas and stars. Previous studies on these cosmic materials indicated that they can emit light that is bright enough to be spotted by a powerful telescope billions of light years away.

As to the distinct geometrical shape of the strange objects, this may have been caused by the resolution of the images.

A UFO flying away from a plume in this frame from the 2014 Chile helicopter video. CEFAA