“Gotham” Season 1 episode 2 continued to show James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) just how corrupt the city of Gotham is. Gordon had to take on child traffickers this week while Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) captured his first hostage. After proving he could be corrupt last week, Gordon was able to be the good cop he wanted to be in this week's episode. 

Selina (Carmen Bicondova) was seen in a back alley with other homeless kids and a homeless man. Two people, Patti (Lili Taylor) and Doug (Frank Whaley) came up in a bus claiming to be part of a homeless outreach program. Once they gathered some of the kids for food, they used a pin to prick them with something that made them pass out. Selina and Mackey (Kyle Massey) managed to escape, but the adults shot the homeless man.

Gordon found the body the next day, but Bullock (Donal Logue) didn’t care much about the dead war veteran.

“People are shooting bums all the time,” Harvey Bullock said.

They brought Mackey in for questioning, but they didn’t believe his story. Bullock told him he was lying and threatened to beat him. Mackey told him to talk to his friend Cat. Gordon told Bullock that he couldn’t threaten to beat up kids. Their captain (Zabryna Guevara) asked Gordon if he was really with the program. She couldn’t order him to break the law, but she definitely encouraged it.

Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) found high levels of a drug called ATP in Mackey’s blood. The drug knocks people unconscious and was mostly used at Arkham Asylum, but that’s been closed for years.

At Fish Mooney’s (Jada Pinkett-Smith) bar, Falcone (John Doman) paid her a visit. He said that Oswald claimed that the death of the Waynes would bring Gotham down. Falcone said the Wayne family understood the Falcone family and balanced the city. Without them, his position of power was at risk. Before he "died," Oswald had claimed that Fish would take Falcone out, but Fish assured the mob boss that he was like a father.

He asked for her lover. She told him that she only has “the boy I keep around for exercise.” Falcone had the boy beaten and thanked her for her loyalty. She knew it was too early to make her move, but after he left, Fish swore to kill Falcone with her bare hands and teeth.

Bullock and Gordon went to question Fish about the kids’ disappearance. Gordon was straight to business, but she reminded him, “You’re just a sinner like the rest of us.”

She still thought Gordon killed Oswald. Fish told them that the kids were for an overseas buyer and no one knew who was buying them or what they were for.

Barbara (Erin Richards) noticed that Gordon was feeling down.  He didn’t like keeping the kidnappings a secret, and his captain forbade him from telling the press. Barbara decided that she would call the Gotham Gazette and give them an anonymous tip. Bullock found out that it was Gordon’s girlfriend and told him that he was “a monkey riding a racehorse.”

The two kidnappers went to the local pharmacist who was housing the kids and supplying them with ATP. He decided he wanted more money (because an extra five grand would make him feel better about stealing kids), but Patti and Doug weren’t about to give him more money. They worked for someone called the Dollmaker, and he wouldn’t be pleased about this new deal. They drugged the pharmacists’ associate and it looked like they were going to attack the pharmacist—until Gordon and Bullock came to ask questions.

All of them played nice with the cops until Patti turned the lights out and Doug started shooting. One man was ordered to kill the kids, but Gordon shot him before he could. They saved the kids, but they didn’t catch the kidnappers.

The mayor (Richard Kind) proudly announced that he was implementing a “humane but tough love program” to get these kids off the streets. He told Gordon that the cute ones would go to foster homes and the rest would go to a correctional facility.

They questioned the pharmacist, and Gordon even let Bullock beat him with a phone book. All they had was the logo on the truck. Gordon realized where they were taking the kids, which was good because they just realized that the kidnappers stole one of the buses full of homeless kids.

Selina—or Cat, as her friends call her—was in line to get on a bus to the correctional facility. She said she needed to speak to Gordon, but the workers shoved her on the bus. She assured the crying kid she sat next to that jail wasn’t too bad. If anyone messed with him, he should go for the eyes.

Then the kidnappers came onto the bus and announced they were driving. The emergency exit was locked and Patti pointed a gun at Cat, so she had to sit down. Cat stayed on the bus when everyone got off. When Patti went back on the bus, Cat went under the seats and managed to get off the bus without anyone finding her. She had to scratch a guy’s eyes and continued to run away without being seen. Eventually, the woman found her, but only because a locket slipped out of her pocket. Gordon tackled Patti before she could shoot the young girl. Gordon asked for Cat’s name, but she refused to give it.

Though they caught Patti and Doug, other criminals are still on the loose. Last week, Gordon pushed Oswald off the dock and told him to never return to Gotham. So far, he has yet to return. The Major Crimes Unit visited Gertrud Kappelput (Carol Kane), Oswald’s mother, in regards to her son’s disappearance. She didn’t know what happened to her son either, but she thought a woman was involved. She was a little crazy, and it seemed clear that Oswald inherited his strange personality from her.

Oswald was walking along the roadside when a couple of college-aged guys picked him up. They handed him a cold beer, and Oswald thought everything was going well until they started to tease him. “Dude, anybody ever tell you when you walk you look just like a penguin?” one of the guys asked.

“No, nobody’s every told me that,” Oswald said.

Then he broke the beer bottle and used it to attack the boys. Oswald was keeping one frat boy hostage in a rented trailer. He called the boy’s mother and demanded ransom, but his mother didn’t believe her. She thought it was a prank. Apparently, being a threatening villain takes practice.

Bruce (David Mazouz) was becoming disturbing in his own right. He held his hand over a candle and burned himself. Alfred (Sean Pertwee) yelled at him before embracing the young boy. Alfred asked Gordon to come by for “tea time.” He said that Bruce respected him and thought he would listen to him.

When Gordon came over, Alfred told him that Bruce was cutting and burning himself. Alfred couldn’t bring him to a psychiatrist because it was against his father’s wishes. Bruce claimed he wasn’t hurting himself but testing himself. He offered money for the kidnapped children, but Gordon said what they needed were people to take care of them. Bruce offered them clothing.

As the homeless kids went onto the bus in what looked like new school uniforms, Cat was trying to get to Gordon. “Go get him or I’ll say you touched me,” Cat threatened an officer. 

Cat told Gordon that she’d been watching him. She knew Mario Pepper wasn’t the killer and offered to exchange the information for no time at the correction facility.

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