Since the '90s, Pokémon fans have been enamored by all things revolving around the concept. The fascination eventually led web developer Alex Onsager to create Pokémon Fusion in 2010, a website that would allow users to mesh two characters together into one potentially-nightmarish creation.

Nine years later the site had an unexpected resurgence in popularity, leading to its second viral life. What was behind the 2019 comeback?

According to IGN, the website peaked in popularity around 2013, which resulted in a host of memes and other signs of admiration. Despite not changing its initial design in any way, the creations have been making their way around social media yet again.

The general belief is that the second spike in attention was due in part to a Tumblr post by a user named "ijustreallylikeeevee," which stated that whatever Pokémon appeared when you loaded the site would be your new "government assigned starter." The post took off and eventually amassed over 39,000 notes, eventually finding its way to Twitter and Reddit.

In addition, The Verge theorized that the jump in visits may be due to fan art taking off on social media. They also delved into which of the Frankensteinian creations would be the most powerful in the Pokémon universe. Their conclusion? That Weepinduo, a combination of Weepinbell and Doduo.

If you are interested, you can visit the site here to make your own personalized characters.

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