Shark attacks
A woman poses for a photograph in front of a 3D painting at HK 3D Museum in Hong Kong on June 26, 2014. Reuters/Tyrone Siu

Two women were attacked on Wednesday by a great white shark while they were kayaking off Plymouth, Massachusetts. The shark reportedly attacked their kayak and flipped them into the water.

A person standing on the shore who witnessed the incident called authorities for help, following which a harbormaster responded and pulled the women into the boat. Experts confirmed the shark bite on their kayak but neither woman was hurt in the attack. The women, who are in their mid-twenties, had gone out to spot seals.

"It came up from underneath my best friend's boat and it breached out of the water, grabbed onto the boat and flipped us both over," Ida Parker, one of the women attacked by the shark, told CBS Boston.

Her friend, Kirsten Orr, said she panicked and added, according to CBS: “I probably did what I shouldn’t supposed to do and started thrashing around and started climbing back in my kayak.”

The women calmed down gradually and were later rescued by the harbormaster. The kayak was reportedly sent to the Massachusetts Environmental Police for further examination.

The latest incident is the second one in two weeks involving a shark in the area. Last week, swimmers were told to evacuate from Duxbury beach, about 11.5 miles from Plymouth, after a 15-foot shark was spotted in the water, according to Boston Globe. It was unclear if it was the same shark that attacked the women Wednesday.