Police have discovered the body of man who killed New Hampshire police chief Michael Maloney during a drug bust Thursday. Maloney was only about two weeks away from retirement.

Around 6 p.m. Thursday night, a search warrant was issued for Cullen Mutrie by officers who are part of the state attorney's general drug task force in conjunction with local police. Greenland Police Chief Maloney arrived on the scene. Mutrie opened fire, striking the police chief, killing him. Four detectives from other police departments were injured in the shootout.

Detective Scott Kukesh, 33, who has 10 years at the Newmarket police department is in intensive care awaiting surgery for a gunshot wound to the chest. Detective Jeremiah Murphy, 34, who is a seven-year veteran at Rochester police department, was also in intensive care after surgery for his wound, reported MSNBC.

Detective Gregory Turner, 32, a six-year veteran of the Dover police department, and Detective Eric Kulberg, 31, a seven-year veteran of the University of New Hampshire police department, were both treated for their gunshot wounds and released, reported MSNBC.

We believe [Mutrie] is the man that shot and killed Police Chief Maloney and that he was involved in the injuries sustained by the other four officers, Attorney General Michael Delaney said, according to the Associated Press.

After a long standoff, Attorney General Delany told reporters that police sent a tactical robot inside the house around 2 a.m. The robot found the bodies of Mutrie and a woman, Mutrie's girlfriend. Both were killed by gunshot wounds, reported MSNBC.

The shootings have shaken the small community of Greenland, a town of about 3,500 residents that has a police department of just seven police officers, including Maloney, 48.

In those final days, he sacrificed his life in public service as a law enforcement officer in New Hampshire, Delaney said, reported the AP.

Maloney had 26 years on the job and had been chief for the last 12 years at the Greenland department.

A friend of Maloney's, Jacqueline DeFrenze, had planned to attend his surprise party for his retirement.

I'm a wreck. He was just the greatest guy, said DeFreze, a fourth-grade teacher, reported the AP. He's kind-hearted, always visible in the community.

Selectman Ken Bellevue said he was devastated by the loss and spoke with Maloney last on Monday night. He said the chief was looking forward to his retirement. He also offered hope that the town will get through the tragedy.

We're going to make sure we get through this, Bellevue said, reported the AP. This is our town.

Greenland Town Administrator Karen Anderson expressed her condolences for the loss of the town's police chief and said that the chief said he had one last thing to do before he retired, carrying out the warrant.

Selectmen asked was there anything they needed to know about or anything going on that needed to be relayed to the new chief, or they should be concerned with, said Anderson, according to Sea Coast Online. He said there was one more matter he could not talk about, that he needed to take care of before he goes.

Town Clerk Marge Morgan would have with Maloney every morning to discuss the day's events.

He'd stop in and get the mail and we'd have a cup of coffee together, Morgan said, according to Sea Coast. It's absolutely shocking. It's like it's not happening.

A Facebook page was setup as a memorial to Chief Maloney with commentators leaving their condolences.

Mike... it has been some time since we wore a shield together and chatted, wrote Facebook user Fank Ouellette. You are a good man, good cop and our prayers go out to your family... I hope God granted you the opportunity to cuff, stuff and drop your adversary in hell where he belongs...

God bless Chief Michael Maloney and heartfelt prayers to his family, wrote Facebook user Pam Perkins McElroy. God bless all police officers - your bravery and sacrifice are very much appreciated.

My deepest sympathies to the family, fellow officers and friends of Chief Malone, wrote Facebook user Brue Pierce.

Thoughts & Prayers from Mobile, AL to the family of Chief Maloney & the citizens of Greenland, NH, wore Facebook user Kerrie McGill Dorsey. Also, prayers going up for the 4 officers shot tonight. GOD BLESS the MEN & WOMEN of LAW ENFORCEMENT.