There was a reason tonight’s installment of “Grey’s Anatomy” was titled “Crazy Love” -- and it was because episode 19 was chock-full of relationship drama so wild our mouths were left agape the entire hour.

The hit ABC series kicked off with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) floating on cloud nine, which was a refreshing scene considering everyone’s favorite Grey Sloan duo has experienced their fair share of romantic turbulence over the past few episodes. (#IsDerekCheating?) However, ironically enough, the drama-ridden duo seemed to be the only couple on the same page during tonight’s episode.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) were just one of the many partners at odds during “Crazy Love,” and their issues began when Mer caught wind of their affair.

“So, your sister and Owen?” Meredith said to Derek after she spotted Amelia and her beau during their walk of shame. Derek didn’t seem phased that there was a new power couple in Grey Sloan but Meredith sure did. In fact, she felt so strongly about their relationship that she ended up confronting her sister-in-law at work.

“Is it just sex or something more?” Mer bluntly asked Amelia regarding her situation with Owen. Amelia’s sister then added that the only reason she was so invested in this budding romance is because Cristina (Sandra Oh) had begged her to watch out for her former flame while she was away. Meredith pleaded with Amelia to be careful -- for her sake and for his.

But Amelia ended up doing Mer one better. Instead of tiptoeing throughout her affair, she ended up calling it off after her feelings for Owen resulted in a disastrous outcome for a patient. Here’s what happened: Owen opted to run with Amelia’s risky plan for a patient with a twisted spine instead of taking Callie’s (Sarah Ramirez) less-threatening procedure into consideration.

When Amelia’s plan to restore the golfer’s spine failed, the doctor took out her frustration on Owen, claiming they were the ones to blame for what happened.

“My approach was inferior and it cost my patient in terrible ways,” Amelia said. “Can you tell me honestly that you siding with me today was only about that patient, it had nothing to do with you and me?”

Owen claimed it didn’t but Amelia wasn’t so sure. “Our brains change when we … when we fall for another person, our neurological pathways get altered,” Amelia stated, adding that the failed operation could have been avoided “if we had just kept our professional lives professional. But we didn’t. It was a mistake. This is a mistake.”

Initially, Owen walked away, completely stunned that his red-hot relationship had just been extinguished. But before the episode concluded, Owen tried to reconcile with his lover -- that is, until duty called, pulling Amelia away.

Like we said, tonight’s installment was full of distressed romances -- even patients couldn’t catch a break in the love department. The medical drama of the night highlighted the episode’s theme when a man with a bloody abdomen came rushing into the emergency room. As it turned out, his wife had sliced off his penis in a fit of rage after she learned her husband had cheated on her with his sous chef.

“Well, that’s a big one,” Bailey (Chandra Wilson) said after getting a glimpse of the genital that was placed in a take-out box.

Fortunately for the cook, the doctors of Grey Sloan were able to reattach his phallus. But just as he began the healing process, his scorned mistress (the Sous Chef) chopped it back off when she caught wind that he and his knife-wielding wife had gotten back together. Thankfully Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) was able to convince the penis-stealing cook to give her back the severed organ.

Other Major Moments From Episode 19 Of “Grey’s Anatomy”:

  • Maggie (Kelly McCreary) learned why her date didn’t call her back and it was because she brought way to much "thunder" to their evening out. “You never stop talking,” her date told her. “You talked the entire time. You never shut up. You never asked me one question. You went on a date with yourself. Then you paid." Maggie revealed her constant jabber was caused by nerves, which she tries to hide by being dominant.
  • Alex (Justin Chambers) had a sweet moment with Maggie when she confided in him regarding her failed date. “There’s nothing wrong with you,” he consoled her. “You talk yeah, but he should want to listen. Anyway something’s wrong with the dude. Tell him to piss off.”
  • The episode concluded with the cliffhanger of Derek’s disappearance. According to Meredith, her husband never showed up for his meeting at the White House.

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