Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is bracing for another shakeup from an unexpected visitor. During Season 13, episode 6 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Leah Murphy returned to the series after a two season absence, which shocked Arizona and others who were at the facility during her removal.

A new consultant will be added to the staff in episode 7, leaving the doctors on edge. The mysterious new addition will quickly begin overstepping his or her boundaries in the operating room, according to ABC’s synopsis. Previews for the episode suggest that in addition to creating tension in the hospital and OR, Grey-Sloan’s fresh addition will instill a fear in the hearts of longtime staffers about their fates. Several photos show them in tense meetings, raising their hands in the hopes of having the chance to get answers.

In addition to issues in the operating room, “Why Try To Change Me Now” will revisit Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) marital woes. The couple are struggling to get on the same page about having children. During episode 6, Amelia revealed to Alex (Justin Chambers) that she had been pregnant before, but lost the baby shortly after its birth. As such, she was relieved to learn that she and Owen weren’t expecting, but is afraid to share those feelings with him. The tension between Amelia and her husband of just a few months will spill over into the hospital in time, making their problems everyone’s issue.

While it appears the episode title is largely related to what’s going on between Owen and Amelia, it also seems April (Sarah Drew) will be making some changes in herself. The new mom only recently returned to the OR and, as we briefly saw during episode 6, is loving every minute of it. The synopsis for the upcoming episode hints at her trying a new hat on for size, though it is unclear what that change will be.

For more on what’s to come in Season 13, episode 7 of “Grey’s Anatomy” check out photos from the episode above. Be sure to tune in to ABC Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT to catch the show.