Grimes teased a new futuristic-themed music video featuring Jennie Kim of the hugely popular K-pop girl group, Blackpink.

On Tuesday, the 33-year-old singer shared a 23-second clip from the video of her latest single, “Shinigami Eyes,” which is set to be released Wednesday. The computer graphics-heavy video shows Grimes as an evil elf in various settings. In one scene, the Canadian singer appears to be levitating on space with a white orb behind her. In another scene, she is seen wielding an intergalactic sword and slashes the camera with it. Before the video ended, she can be seen looking into the camera with blood-red “Shinigami eyes” which refers to eyes that can see the floating information on humans’ heads which shows their names and their lifespans. This term was used in the Japanese manga and anime series “Death Note.”

“Shinigami Eyes tomorrow !!!!,” the “Player Of Games” singer wrote and tagged a host of people who helped her in making the video including Jennie. “Def forgetting a ton of ppl but we got the dream team out here,” she added.

Grimes is known to be a huge fan of anime and the Shinigami concept. “I got shinigami eyes. It cost me half my life span but now I can see the true name of everyone and when they will die. Only the real will ones will understand,” she tweeted in 2019.

Jennie appears in the middle of the short clip posing for pictures with Grimes. In it, she wore a crystal petal bra and a red jacket and red pants.

Fans took to the comment section of Grimes' Instagram page and voiced their anticipation for the release of the new video. Others revealed their excitement in seeing Jennie in the video. “Grimes and Jennie WOW,” a fan said.

Grimes responded to another fan who echoed the same excitement for the collaboration and said, “I’ve never seen such pure talent on a set everyone was like wtf she’s so good at performing.”

Jennie’s role in the video remains unclear but fans first speculated she was working with Grimes when the latter uploaded a photo of them on her Twitter page in July.

“Jennie and Grimes go to space,” Grimes captioned her Twitter post.

“Shinigami Eyes” comes at the heels of “Player of Games” which was released on Dec. 22, 2021.

Grimes recently sold an audiovisual collection as NFTs for some $6 million 
Grimes recently sold an audiovisual collection as NFTs for some $6 million  AFP / PATRICK KOVARIK