Rockstar Games has released eight new "Grand Theft Auto 5" screenshots. Check them out below.

These new "GTA 5" screens showcase some of the things you'll be able to do in "Grand Theft Auto 5," including beachgoing, motorcycle chases and hitting people with large wrenches. One screenshot shows the front of the Ammunation Sporting Goods shop, where you'll be able to load up on guns and other forms of firepower. Another screenshot shows a passenger jet chased by police cars as it's taking off on a runway. Another screenshot makes a reference to "GTA: San Andreas" -- check out the license plate on the screenshot with the red sports car to see what we mean.

Rockstar also released some artwork of in-game "GTA 5" character Lester, who will be featured prominently throughout the game and who has also appeared in the official "Grand Theft Auto 5" video.

Expect Rockstar to release more "GTA 5" teases until to the official release of the game, which is set for Sept. 17. "GTA 5" will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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