GTA5 Online
GTA5 Online

Rockstar Games, developer of the "Grand Theft Auto" open-world sandbox series, released the first official gameplay video of "Grand Theft Auto Online" on its website Thursday.

"Grand Theft Auto Online," which launches Oct. 1, will be free to play with every retail copy of "Grand Theft Auto 5." "Grand Theft Auto Online" will be a persistent online world full of a wide range of stuff for you to do, from parachuting to arm wrestling to car thefts, liquor store robberies and much more.

Completing jobs will allow you to gain money and reputation, which you can use to customize your character, buy an apartment, cars, a garage to store your rides in and much more. Using the Content Creator, you can design your own races and deathmatches, which you can also share with the rest of the "GTA Online" community. Rockstar plans to keep creating new content for "Grand Theft Auto Online."

Watch the "Grand Theft Auto Online" official gameplay reveal video below.

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